Feb 24/2011


What is 100%?

Pick up your bottle of nutrient and look at the label where it recommends dosage to be mixed with tap water.


 As example I chose Pure Blend Pro line of food because its organic. It recommends you mix 30 ml per 1 Gallon of water for mature plants but what it does not say is that this recommendation is meant to be true IF you have a 1000W light. This mix of food and water I refer to as 100% of food or a full feeding. Smaller plants start of at 15ml/G so that would be 50% of food or half feeding. This is all true if you have a 1000W light.


If you have a 400W (or a 600W) and you feed 30ml/G you will most likely overfeed (and kill) your plants. For those with smaller light then a 1000W you need to read the lable on your nutrient carefully and feed less. Soooo for a 400W I would feed at 50% to 75% of 30ml/G which is 15ml to 22ml per Gallon. This number (15-22ml) is YOUR personal 100% now.


When I give recommendation I often say “feed at 100%” or “feed at 50%”, but I say this remembering what kind of light YOU have. Therefore someone with a 400W light feeding 100% mix will feed at (lets say) 15ml/G and a guy with a 1000W should feed his plants at 30ml/Gallon.



These strains can be fed at 100% and more.


 These plants are usually of Indica variety, with generally short and bushy qualities. They are often the big yielders, easy to maintain and good for commercial growers. The approximate yield expected from them is around 1.5 lbs per 1000W light per cycle. The flowering time is ~56 days



White Rhino

White Shark

White Russian … and anything else with White in it


Northern Lights/Skunk

Northern Lights/Buddha … + any Northern Lights


Skunk 11 … and any other Skunk


Train Wreck


Jack Herrer

Bubble Gum

Critical Mass

Rosetta Stone


Hindu Kush (from Toronot420 only)

King Kush and Bubba Kush (from Green House Seeds only)



These strain are sensitive to overfeeding therefore, they are to be fed at about 80% of what strains above can easily take. These strains are not the biggest on yield but they have a unique smoke which is “the champagne” of cannabis. These strains do not yield well, are difficult to maintain and generally are grown by connoisseurs.  . The approximate yield expected from them is around 1 lb per 1000W light per cycle. The flowering time is ~50 days



Any Kush variety including

Purple Kush

OG Kush

Hindu Kush